Jimmy Ma began his journey at a trading company that he and his father started. Back then they connected companies in the United States to Taiwan and China to a large spectrum of parts from beauty products to hardware. As fate would have it, he received an opportunity to split his time between his own business and assisting an American company looking to export hulls made in Taiwan. Jimmy was in charge of inspecting hulls and approving them for exportation.

From that experience, he realized there was a need in the marine industry for quality stainless hardware. Jimmy started his stainless hardware company in Clearwater, Florida and expanded to both the East and West coast. For many years he grew the company and as globalization started to happen, he realized the need to connect his businesses and invest in his own factories to control both the costing and quality.

Experience the difference of working with a trading company who directly owns and operates factories to help you work factory direct. We value or relationships and look forward to the opportunity of working together.